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February 22, 2023


Michael Dillon is a legendary figure whose contributions to society should never be underestimated. Despite passing on in 1962, Michael Dillon continues to be a symbol of hope and inspiration to many people worldwide. From being the first trans man to undergo a female-to-male surgery to being a medical doctor and Buddhist monk, Michael Dillon’s life was a remarkable one.

However, one question that gets asked a lot by people is, how much was Michael Dillon worth? In this post, we’ll provide answers to this question and discuss different aspects of his life to give you a clear picture of Michael Dillon’s financial status.

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Section 1: Early life and education

Michael Dillon was born in England in 1915 as Laura Maud Dillon. He attended Cheltenham College, where he studied classics. After graduation, he enrolled in medical school at Trinity College, Cambridge University. There, he became friends with John Maynard Keynes, a famous economist, and Lytton Strachey, an author, both of whom had a significant influence on Dillon’s life.

In 1939, Dillon graduated from Cambridge with a degree in medicine. He later went to London and began working as a houseman in several hospitals.

Section 2: Gender transition and surgery

In the 1940s, Dillon started his journey of transitioning from female to male. He took male hormones, underwent chest surgery, and ultimately had the first female-to-male genital surgery in history. This surgery cost him about £500, which would be worth around £20,000 today.

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Section 3: Medical career

Dillon worked as a general practitioner in the UK, but he faced discrimination from other doctors who were unhappy with his gender transition. Consequently, he moved to India in 1950, where he openly practiced medicine and received more acceptance. Dillon even served as the personal physician to the Dalai Lama and was a meditator at the Tromtö Mahasamsthata, a Buddhist temple in Tibet.

Section 4: Contributions to Buddhism

Dillon converted to Buddhism in India and eventually became a Tibetan monk. He received several teachings from great Tibetan masters such as Thubten Gyatso and several Panchen Lamas. Dillon’s contributions to Buddhism included translating Tibetan texts into English, writing books, and participating in teachings.

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Section 5: Michael Dillon’s net worth

It is difficult to put a precise figure on Michael Dillon’s net worth today. He did not amass much wealth during his lifetime and lived a simple life as a monk. However, his legacy and influence continue to impact the world positively, making him priceless in a sense.

Section 6: Honors and Recognition

Michael Dillon’s contributions to society have not gone unrecognized, and he has received several posthumous honors. In 2012, he was posthumously awarded the Roberta Cowell Memorial Trophy for being a British pioneer of transgender surgery. Dillon’s contribution to Buddhism has also been recognized, and he was posthumously awarded the title Geshe in 2018, becoming the first westerner to receive the title.

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Section 7: FAQs

1. Was Michael Dillon the first person to undergo a female-to-male surgery?

Yes, Michael Dillon was the first person in history to undergo such surgery.

2. Who paid for Dillon’s surgery?

Dillon paid for the surgery himself, with the cost of the surgery being around £500.

3. Did Dillon face any discrimination as a transgender individual?

Yes, Dillon did face discrimination from other doctors in the UK, which prompted him to move to India.

4. What was Dillon’s net worth?

It is difficult to ascertain Dillon’s net worth now, as he lived a simple life as a medical doctor and Buddhist monk.

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5. Did Michael Dillon have a romantic partner?

There is no clear evidence of Dillon having a romantic partner.

6. What was Dillon’s contribution to Buddhism?

Dillon translated Tibetan texts to English and participated in teachings, making significant contributions to Buddhism.

7. What honors has Michael Dillon received?

Dillon has received several posthumous honors, including the Roberta Cowell Memorial Trophy and the Geshe title.


In conclusion, Michael Dillon was a legendary figure who has contributed significantly to society in various facets and remains an inspiration to this day. While it may be tough to put a financial value on his life, his achievements and legacy continue to benefit the world. Michael Dillon’s life should remind us all of the importance of working hard towards our goals, no matter the obstacles we may face, and to leave a positive impact on the world.

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